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1944-11-xx - Panorama Farbmonatsschau (seltener Farbfilm; rare color footage)

Seltene Farbfilme aus dem Dritten Reich: Die Panorama Monatsschau
Rare color-footage out of the Third Reich: The Panorama Monatsschau
Morgentraining in der spanischen Hofreitschule zu Wien. Heumahd in den deutschen Bergen. Markttag in Albanien. Schulung des Nachwuchses fuer die Kriegsmarine in der Hitler-Jugend. Ausschnitt aus dem Film 'Die Grosse Freiheit Nr. 7'. Hindernisrennen auf einem Sportfest deutscher Soldaten hinter der Front. Aufbruch deutscher Soldaten am Karpatenpass. Tieffliegerangriffe an der West- und Suedfront. Ein Geleitzug auf Fahrt im Nordmeer. Stukas im Einsatz an der Ostfront.

Run time 13 minutes 51 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, b/w
Language German


Reviewer: Starsong07 - - March 10, 2013
Subject: Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria
The first few minutes of this film may well be extraordinarily rare. The Spanish Riding School performs, and their outdoor location (where normally they performed in an opulent indoor riding hall in the heart of Vienna) suggests that this footage was taken of a performance given for local Nazi officers after the evacuation of the school to St. Martin, Austria due to heavy bombing, but before the American forces invaded that far into the continent. This is indeed VERY rare footage, if that is the case, of a desperate time when the entire Lipizzan breed of horse was nearly wiped out due to the war, and the artistry of their performance and skill lost with them. Anyone with a passing interest, I would encourage to see the film "The Miracle of the White Stallions" produced by the Disney company in 1963 regarding this period in the School's history.
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on 11/13/2009